John Maul - Owner/Head Coach/Parkour Certified LVL 2 

I started my journey into training for American Ninja Warrior about 5 years ago. I met Brian Arnold and was invited to come to his competition called Ninja Smackdown back in 2014. I was really cocky and didn't have much if any experience on obstacles, and I fell on the first obstacle which was the quad steps.  Ever since then, I have been solely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to progress and become one of the best! I got so addicted to the sport that I made my own obstacle course series called Ninja Intensity. We came up with crazy ideas that challenged everyone in every way; not to mention one of the only competitions that had balance obstacles on stage 3. My goal is to show everyone how to conquer obstacles and have fun at the same time. All of this training is really "Intense" and requires a lot of effort and dedication. With me behind your back, I will make you unstoppable and show you the fun and amazing community of Ninja Warrior. 

Daniel Brown - Ninja/Parkour Certified LVL 2 Coach

Hey! I’m Dan Brown (No I did not write the Da’ Vinci Code). I’m currently a student getting my master’s degree in counseling. Other than that, I’m an avid sci-fi/fantasy reader and a pretty baller gamer if I do say so myself! Another hobby, of course, is Ninja Warrior training. I love running around on crazy obstacles and coming up with new ways of challenging myself and others. Balance/agility obstacles are my favorite, followed by upper body craziness. It’s a very important part of my life. Come join me for some crazy training!

Austin Gray - Ninja Coach 

I’m typically known for my story of donating my kidney to my elementary school friend Kaylee 15 weeks before my City Qualifying run in Minneapolis, but I’ve loved the sport of ninja long before any of that happened.

I started training for Ninja warrior late 2016 and have focused all my time on it since then. I’ve been coaching for 5 years including Gymnastics, Trampoline, Rock Climbing, and now Ninja. I’ve worked with kids of all skill levels, many of the athletes I’ve worked with have gone to compete and/or win national/world championships in all the sports I’ve coached.

On American Ninja Warrior, I was the first to clear stage 1, with the 5th fastest time, and being one of 8 rookies on stage 2. I’ve also competed in the following large events:

2 UNAA National finals

1 NNL World finals (9th place)

1 Wolfpack Ninja Tour Pro finals (7th)

Next Level Ninja Games (5th)

CNL season 1 Finals (2nd)

Bryce Tenney - Ninja/Parkour Certified LVL 2 Coach

Hi, I'm Bryce and I am a Ninja/Parkour coach at Ninja Intensity. I love all of the kids I get to coach and it is amazing to see them improve their strength, balance, and agility. It is so fulfilling to see a kid try their heart out and see the look on their face when they succeed. I have the greatest job in the world.

Tayler Page - Ninja Coach

My name is Tayler Page and I like to teach ninja because I love kids and enjoy doing obstacle courses! I got into ninja because ever since I was a little kid, I would build my own obstacles in my house and my mom would yell at me. I am called the Peanut Ninja because I am 5ft tall but can do things people my size normally couldn't do.

Calli Spradlin - Ninja Coach

My name is Calli Spradlin and I like long workouts in the gym. I am a believer in turning any dream into reality no matter the cost. Trying new things can be intense, but sometimes you gotta go out on a limb. Some people are where they need to be, but not all who wander are lost. I have traveled all around the country, even parts of Canada, but I know in my heart of hearts that Ninja Intensity is my home. After 4 years of swinging on rings to hanging on bananas, It's addicting. I swear ninja is now one of my chromosomes. Just over 3 years of coaching young and wise. Making sure to always have fun and paint a smile every time. Striving for the bronze, silver, and gold. Especially beating the guys. There are endless ways to push my body to climb!

Connor Briding - Advanced Parkour Coach

Hi! My name is Connor briding. I’m nineteen years old and a parkour coach and stunt double. When I’m not or training or working at the gym, I spend my time mountain biking, climbing, caving, cliff jumping, and playing way too much guitar. I’m currently attending UCCS as a sophomore In mechanical engineering, although I aspire to be a full-time musician!

Hi! I'm Evan Wojtkewicz and I am a ninja coach and team member here at Ninja Intensity. I started training ninja when this gym opened until one day John Maul asked me if i wanted to start working here! When I'm not training or teaching, which is not often because I am at the gym all the time, I am usually snowboarding or long boarding. I love doing ninja and I love teaching my students as well.

Evan Wojtkewicz - Ninja Coach

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